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Here are the things you need to know

BeerBanC FMCG is a fast moving consumer goods trading company that allows pre-qualified Nigerians to invest "commodities" into a "FMCG's-trading-businesses" for a reasonable & constant monthly RoI. Unlike the traditional investment platform that accepts investment in currency, the only form of investment and trading in BeerBanC FMCG is commodities.

BeerbanC FMCG is not for everyone. Meanwhile, any Nigerian that applied online and whose provided details match our pre-determined investor's criteria would be invited onto the platform. Click here to apply.

We are legitimate business investing goods instead of cash into chains of small businesses trading beer Fast Moving Consumer Goods on a daily basis. We put our investor's goods to work everyday and we generate profit everyday.

We pay 15% Roi monthly. Click here to apply.

No! We are not a traditional bank that trades in cash. All investments and Roi payout are in commodities. Meanwhile, we have a commodity trading/exchanging partner that helps you convert your commodity to cash and pay directly into your specified bank account.

BeerbanC FMCG is a registered company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No:1516893. We invest goods into legitimate businesses and payout goods as interest without violating the right or the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.